Emergency services join forces to talk about Fatal Four

Emergency services join forces to talk about Fatal Four

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Colleagues joined forces with firefighters from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service and police officers from Derbyshire Police to hold a live mock incident in Swadlincote this weekend.

The mock-up was of a road traffic collision to show how the emergency services deal with these type of incidents and warn of potential dangers.

This demonstration was set up following the news that since January this year there have been 47 fatal road traffic collisions in Derbyshire, five of which have been in south Derbyshire. 

Colleagues from all organisations were on hand after the demonstration to discuss the dangers of the fatal four to help people avoid being involved in such an incident.

Driving at excessive speed, under the influence of drink or drugs, not wearing a seatbelt and using a mobile telephone whilst driving are the four key causes of collisions involving death or serious injury in the UK.

Samantha Westwell, Ambulance Operations Manager for Derbyshire, said: “Serious road traffic collisions can have a huge impact on a wide range of people – from the physical and mental impact on those injured and their loved ones, to the emotional impact on emergency service personnel, hospital staff and bystanders. 

“Events such as this are an excellent way for us to demonstrate what happens in the aftermath of a serious road traffic collisions, and the decisions we can make as drivers and passengers to prevent such incidents from happening.” 

Thank you to Emma Hall, Helen Appleby, Tony Garratt, Paul Wildgoose for demonstrating their clinical skills, and Ed Talbot and Matt Walker for playing the role of casualties.

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