#EMAZING paramedic retires after 44 years

#EMAZING paramedic retires after 44 years

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Left to right- Technician Jamie Huntington, Vince McDonagh, Paramedic Lee Hastie and retiring Paramedic Mally Ross

Mally Ross, paramedic at Grimsby Ambulance Station has retired after serving 44 years in the ambulance service.

Mally started his ambulance career in 1974 working as an ambulance man at Scunthorpe Station, from then on he has progressed into management roles, working as a Station Officer at Grimsby Station before ending his career as a paramedic on our frontline.

Within his career he has mentored and helped to progress many of our new clinicians and provided a listening ear for his colleagues when they needed it the most, who will never forget his support.

Over his 44 years of service he has delivered new lives into this world, sharing some of the happiest moments with his patients, provided compassionate care for those in their final hours and saved the lives of many others.

Jamie Huntington, Technician at Grimsby station has been Mally’s crew mate for the past four years and cannot thank him enough for his valuable experience and mentorship.

He said: “Mally has had a long career with the Ambulance Service, some of which I was fortunate enough to share with him.

“When I was offered a full time position at Grimsby I was pleased to hear that I was with Mally. I am very thankful of the four years that I had the privilege of working alongside him.  Over that time I have learned many things from him and at the time as a new and enthusiastic Emergency Care Assistant he was the perfect crew mate for me.  I’ve been able to draw upon his years of experience to keep me calm, whilst giving me confidence and reassurance to progress my own career.

“We often joked about how he was teaching me ‘experience’. If I knelt down in an unknown fluid, that was ‘experience’, if I was down wind of a poorly patient, that was ‘experience’. I often asked when I would not get covered in bodily fluids and have my own ‘experience’!

“I have been privileged enough to work Mally’s last shifts with him, where he was helping people, saving lives and having a laugh with patients and colleagues alike, doing what he does best.

 “I see Mally as a paramedic, crew mate and good friend. I would like to wish him lots of luck for the future and I hope he enjoys his retirement and spending more time with his family and friends.

“He will always be a part of the A&E family and team green.”

Mally said he has loved every minute of his career with the ambulance service.

He added: “I have had an amazing career with the ambulance service in which I have been able to create some great memories with colleagues and friends.”
We wish Mally the best of luck in his retirement #PrideinEMAS 

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Mally pictured fourth from left on the bottom row in a football match of Scunthorpe Station V Grimsby Station