#EMAZING Lincolnshire crews receive awards for over 600 years' service

#EMAZING Lincolnshire crews receive awards for over 600 years’ service

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Lincolnshire staff who received their Long Service and Good Conduct awards

Ambulance staff in Lincolnshire have been presented with Long Service and Good Conduct Awards and treated to an afternoon tea at the Brackenborough Hotel in Louth.

Chief Executive Richard Henderson, Director of Operations Ben Holdaway, and General Manager Sue Cousland,  presented the awards to staff on 14 November 2018.

In total the 24 recipients had over 600 years’ experience between them.

Staff who received their awards for 20 years’ service were:

Rick Charman

Martin Cook

Peter Gregg

Peter Grooby

Angela Havercroft

Nic Haywood

Paul Litherland

Christian Long

Michael Newman

Jo Waterfield

Steve Pratten

Staff who received their 30 years’ service were:

Martin Bussey

Wayne Bontoft

Mick Fox

Nigel Craig

Christine Frear

Gerald Frear

Jim Musgrave

Chris Gough

James Warrillow

John Neale

Colleagues who received their retirement awards were:

Brian Jaffrey for 26 years’ service

Tony Fell for 40 years’ service

Mally Ross for 44 years’ service

Glen Ford

Thiza Campbell

Sally Loates

Janet Thompson 

Richard said: “This is one of my favourite parts of my job as Chief Executive. The public often see the negative side to your job, but these events allow you to get to know the person behind the uniform.

“You should all be immensely proud of what you have achieved, on behalf of EMAS and the Executive Board I thank you for your service.”