Donation made in memory of Susan Cairnie

Donation made in memory of mum

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Every day our staff respond to thousands of 999 calls across the East Midlands, they provide the best possible care to the highest standard but unfortunately cannot save everybody.

Yesterday, Margaret, Ady and Skye Cairnie from Lincoln attended Lincoln Ambulance Station to say thank you to Paramedics Marc Hollinshead and Gary Matthews, Technician Melissa Riley and Student Paramedics Laura Clarke and Darren Dickinson for their kindness, care and respect they showed her mother Susan on the 27 March.

Susan was at home when her mother Doreen found her unconscious on the sofa. Doreen called 999 and our crews were on scene within minutes trying to save her life. The crews were able to get Susan’s heart beating again achieving a Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC), despite this Susan later passed away at hospital.

Daughter Margaret said our crews could not have treated her mother, grandmother and herself any better.

She added: “Although my mum passed away, I wanted to let the staff know that I was grateful for everything they did and that I appreciated their kindness and wanted them to be recognised for the amazing work they do, without them my Mum wouldn’t have made it to the hospital.”

First on scene Paramedic Marc Hollinshead said: “It was lovely to meet Margaret, Ady and Skye today, it means a lot when patients and their families take the time to say thank you and appreciate everything we did although unfortunately we weren’t able to save her mum.”

Susan and her family have made a donation to our charitable funds in memory of her mother.

Often patients and families chose to make a donation, which we are extremely grateful for. Our charitable fund ensures that money donated to us is put to good use.

Donations are used to help us to buy new pieces of medical equipment, to provide improved facilities for our staff at our ambulance stations or for them to use for social gatherings, such as retirement celebrations. We make sure that donations are spent wisely.

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Left to right- Susan's brother Ady, Student Paramedic Laura Clarke, Grand daughter Skye, Daughter Maggie and Paramedic Marc Hollinshead