Deer EMAS…Thank you for saving my life

Deer EMAS…Thank you for saving my life


A Lorry driver from Beverley, East Yorkshire has been reunited with the ambulance, fire and coastguard crews who saved his life after he swerved to miss a deer and became trapped in his 26 tonne lorry for over 4 hours. 

Pete Bennett, 57, was transporting frozen chicken in his long goods vehicle through Market Rasen when he was suddenly faced with a deer in the road. After swerving to miss the animal, Pete’s lorry ended up in a ditch. Due to the angle of his lorry his mobile phone slid down, but thankfully was close enough for him to grab it and call 999. 

Emergency call taker Joe Hemming was able to locate Pete and send help. Minutes later Paramedic Chris Cole was  on scene, followed by Paramedic Paul Harding-Hubbard, Doctor Simon Topham, from Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Services, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue and HM Coastguard.  

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue supported with their Urban Search and Rescue team to access Pete. All crews worked together for over 4 hours to release Pete from the vehicle as safely as possible after Dr Simon Topham advised Pete’s condition could have taken a sudden turn for the worse. 

Dr Topham said: “I remember thinking that Pete could go into cardiac arrest at any minute and we needed to get him out as quickly as possible. I was also concerned that we may need to amputate Pete’s leg at the scene.” 

Due to the nature of Pete’s injuries he was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary Hospital by HM Coastguard’s helicopter, flown by Pilot Dave Preston, where he later received surgery for his injuries, including fractures in his ribs, leg and foot. 

Today Pete and wife Beverley have been reunited with 999 call taker Joe Hemming, Paramedics Chris Cole, Paul Harding-Hubbard, Dr Simon Topham, Fire Station Officers Dan Marsland and Andy Higgins from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue and Pilot Dave Preston from HM Coastguard at Lincoln Ambulance Station.

Pete and Beverley also presented EMAS, LIVES, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue and the HM Coastguard with a donation for their charitable funds.

Pete said: “I’m very grateful for being able to meet everybody today and say a personal thank you to the team who saved my life, they were amazing. I had a lot of gaps in my memory and today I have been able to fill in parts which will help with my recovery.” 

Wife Beverley added: “I am so thankful to all the staff for helping my husband, it meant a lot to be able to celebrate our 25 th wedding anniversary together.” 

Paramedic Paul Harding-Hubbard said: “The best thank you is seeing you standing here today talking to us and enjoying life.” 

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