Dedicated paramedic attends Queen's Garden Party

Dedicated paramedic attends Queen’s Garden Party

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Parmedic Tony Davies with wife Tara

Every summer Her Majesty the Queen hosts garden parties to recognise and reward those who have made a positive impact in their community like our Paramedic Tony Davies who today was one of her guests.

Tony, who is from Grantham Ambulance Station and also a Union Representative, and wife Tara are attending one of the Queen’s three Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace. Tony was nominated for an invitation by Lincolnshire Ambulance Operations Manager Richard Hunter.

Richard said Tony lives and breathes our EMAS values of Contribution, Competence, Teamwork, Integrity and Respect.

He added: “Tony has demonstrated all of our values over the last few months at the time he was experiencing a personal tragedy.

“Tony has supported staff through his union duties at the expense of his own grief after tragically losing his son last year. Despite this he showed 100% commitment to staff and their needs, selflessly putting them first.

“I believe Tony is the true epitome of an EMAS Paramedic and fully deserves the chance to represent our service at this prestigious event.”

Tony provides colleague support alongside his role as a paramedic. Tony started his ambulance career in 1997 as a Technician and qualified as a paramedic in 2007. From then on he has provided care and compassion to many patients of south Lincolnshire.

Tony said: “It is an honour to have been nominated for this event, to represent our service and to be recognised for my work following some difficult personal circumstances.

“I and my wife had a fantastic day at the party, it is an experience I will never forget.”

We hope Tony had the #EMAZING day that he deserves.

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