Celebrating Clinical Operations Manager Mark Green

Celebrating Clinical Operations Manager Mark Green

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Clinical Operations Manager Mark Green

Everyday our staff and volunteers do their best for patients, often going above and beyond because they are caring and compassionate people.  

Earlier this year, in April, Technician Becky Green and Trainee Technician Nicholas Cropley-Cooke attended a patient in cardiac arrest in Cleethorpes. Whilst at the scene they called control asking for a paramedic with a LUCAS device.  

A LUCAS device attaches to a patient and provides chest compressions at the correct rhythm and depth; this means that our staff can provide advanced life support or move the patient to an ambulance or hospital, whilst maintaining vital chest compressions and keeping oxygenated blood circulating the patients body.

Unfortunately there was nobody on duty available in a Fast Response Vehicle with the LUCAS on board. Knowing that Mark had just finished his shift at midnight, the crew called him and explained the situation. Without any hesitation Mark turned his car around, went back to Grimsby station and attended the incident with the LUCAS device. Regrettably despite our staffs best efforts the patient later died.  

Mark went above and beyond that night to give the patient the best chance of survival, after finishing a 12 hours shift. He said: “every patient deserves our best.” 

Sadly we say goodbye to Mark on 2 June as he starts his new role with North West Ambulance Service.

General Manager Sue Cousland said:  

“Having recently joined EMAS, I had the privilege of meeting Mark on a station visit a couple of weeks ago.  I was extremely impressed with both his knowledge and ‘common sense’ approach to the day to day challenges faced by front line crews.  The actions described above appear to be an accurate reflection of how he approaches his role as a Clinical Operations Manager and I know he is also a  very well regarded colleague.   We will be very sad to see Mark leave – the North Wests gain is our loss and I would like to wish Mark and his family all the very best for the future.”