10 year old Leicester school boy receives award for his bravery

10 year old Leicester school boy receives award for his bravery

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Left to right- Paramedic Tracey Ralston, Paramedic Katie Brown, Dad Carl, Jake Boyall, Headteacher Mrs Colotto, Mum Louise, 999 call handler Patricia Little and Technician David Degg

A 10-year-old-boy who called 999 when he couldn’t wake his mum has been presented with a special bravery award during a school assembly. 

Jake Boyall, from Croft in Leicester, dialled 999 on 29 December when his mum was unconscious and started shaking violently. 

He bravely told emergency call handler Patricia Little that his mums head was rocking and her eyes were opening and closing. He remained calm and was able to check his mums breathing, give his full address and paramedics arrived within minutes. 

Louise Boyall, 48 was having a seizure and was unconscious for over 10 minutes. She said: “I am so proud of Jake, it’s just me and him at home so when I woke up and saw paramedics standing over me I was shocked. I’ve listened to the 999 call and I’m amazed he stayed so calm and answered all of the questions.”

Louise has suffered an additional five seizures since the episode in December and each time Jake has called 999, made her safe and collected her medication. 

“Jake started to fear being alone with me in case I had another seizure” added Louise.  “They are so scary to witness, particularly for a 10 year old but it’s easy to underestimate how resilient children can be. I now wear an alert watch which alerts my neighbours and family when I suffer a seizure, and gives Jake reassurance that he won’t be on his own.

“Each time Jake has called 999 the ambulance service have been brilliant in helping and reassuring him”

The award was presented to Jake by Paramedic Katie Brown, Paramedic Tracey Ralston, Technician David Degg and 999 call handler Patricia Little at Jakes school in their celebration assembly.  

Katie Brown, Paramedic at EMAS said: “It was lovely to present Jake with his award. 

”He did an amazing job in calling 999 and once I arrived on scene was calm and helping. He deserves his award and the recognition he has received.”

Mum Louise and Dad Carl attended the assembly; Carl said he was extremely proud of Jake.

He added: “I can’t believe how calm Jake was, he remained much calmer than me! It was a pleasure to watch him receive his award today. “

The Laverick Award is presented to children and young adults who have gone above and beyond to help another. It is in memory of Nick Laverick – a paramedic team leader who sadly died of cancer on his birthday in September 2013.

Kathy Farmer, Paramedic in the Laverick team said: “The award is a special way of continuing Nick’s legacy. Jake did a fantastic job in helping his mum and we are proud to present him with his award.”