Thank you to ambulance crews

#Love4Legends campaign says thank you to ambulance service

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Ambulance crews in Leicester have been presented with a generous hamper of goodies by a group of Muslim women who have been campaigning to celebrate emergency service staff.

The group of Muslim mums are part of the #Love4Legends Campaign which was set up following the Grenfell Tower disaster, in June 2017, as a way of showing gratitude to firefighters.

The ladies also wanted to celebrate staff from our ambulance service as part of their campaign and EMAS is believed to be the first ambulance service to receive a hamper full of cakes, chocolates and sweets.

The hamper was delivered to Gorse Hill Ambulance Station as a ‘thank you’ in appreciation of the valuable work that crews do every single day; sometimes putting themselves in danger to save lives.

Lee Brentnall, EMAS Ambulance Operations Manager, said: “Our staff respond to tragic incidents and return to work each day to continue to protect our communities. We are delighted that we’ve been honored by this #Love4legends campaign - a thank you goes a long way.”

Last week we were sad to report that four ambulances in Leicester had been smashed and vital equipment stolen. When the ladies heard that they were visiting was the same ambulance station which had been targeted, they also made a generous contribution towards the purchase of new life saving equipment which was stolen.

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Lee added: “Given the shocking theft at our Gorse Hill Station last week, we are especially touched by the generous donation that the group have made to replace the equipment that was recklessly stolen.”

Dr Samia Latif, a supporter of the #Love4Legends Campaign and consultant at Public Health England helped to deliver the hamper.

She said:  “The Grenfell incident highlighted the crucial and lifesaving role of emergency services and we are proud to be representing the Muslim community in Leicester to extend our heartfelt gratitude to EMAS as part of the #Love4Legends campaign.”