Technician delivers first baby - in a Nottingham car park

Technician delivers first baby - in a Nottingham car park

Crew who delivered baby in Nottingham Car Park.jpg

An ambulance technician from Nottingham attended very special patient this morning as she delivered her first baby since joining EMAS two years ago - and it all happened in a car park!

Sarah Callaghan, Paramedic Emma Tibbetts and Technician David Seaton, all based at Beechdale Ambulance Station, explained that they received the call at 7.57am on Friday, 22 September, to the car park of Riverside Farm in Nottingham. 

Sarah said: “We were on standby at the ambulance station when the call came in that there was a woman in advanced labour in a Travel Lodge car park.

“When we arrived, the patient’s mum flagged us down and we realised that it might be a bit more urgent than we first thought.

“When I got to the patient I had a look at her and I could see that the baby’s head was crowning and a few minutes later we delivered him.”

“The staff from the Travelodge were very helpful as they brought out towels for us.

“Helping to bring new life into the world is one of the most privileged parts of our job, and I am so happy I got the chance to experience it.

“It is lovely to hear that both mum and baby got on well at the hospital and we all wish them congratulations."

The crew took mum and baby to Queen's Medical Centre to be checked over.