Storm Doris: Check for injuries before calling 999

Storm Doris: Check for injuries before calling 999

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We would like to remind people this afternoon that you come across a fallen tree or lamp post, a roof blown off a building or a damaged car, please check to see if there is anyone with any injuries before calling 999.

Doctor John Stephenson,  Associate Medical Director for EMAS, said:

“We have had a number of calls relating to strong winds today including people being blown over, trees falling onto cars and houses, and windows being blown in.

“We would ask people who come across a fallen tree, a damaged car or a roof blown off a building to check to see if anyone is injured before calling 999.

“We are receiving a number of calls from people reporting damage by Storm Doris, but when we have sent a paramedic crew in an emergency vehicle there has not been a patient in need of treatment.

“Please be careful if you are leaving your house and check on elderly neighbours where possible.”

Drivers are also reminded to take warm clothes and refreshments if setting out on a journey, and to keep a distance from lorries on the roads. If a lorry looks unstable then do not attempt to overtake it.