Sepsis survivour says thank you

Sepsis survivor says thank you

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On 1 July, 24-year-old Sophie Charles felt extremely unwell at her home in Thurmaston, Leicester.

Sophie’s mum, Julie, rang NHS 111 for advice thinking that her daughter had a virus or a stomach bug but it quickly became apparent that it was much more serious.

Sophie said: “I had felt unwell all day, by 6pm my neck was hurting, I was being sick and I couldn’t stand the light. I was wearing sunglasses indoors.”

NHS 111 advised they would send help, and within minutes Paramedic Christine Lukes arrived in a fast response vehicle. While carrying out observations Christine spotted signs and symptoms which meant she could not rule out sepsis.

Christine said: “Sophie was pale and very unwell, after conducting a primary survey I couldn’t rule out that she may have been suffering from sepsis. I immediately rang for an ambulance to transport Sophie to hospital.”

Ambulance crew Bridget Bettoney and Mark Greaves arrived to transport Sophie. They pre-alerted Leicester Royal Infirmary on their way to hospital to ensure staff were ready to provide treatment to Sophie as soon as she arrived.

Sophie spent four days in hospital and is now slowly recovering at home. She was reunited with Christine and Bridget at Goodwood Ambulance station yesterday to say thank you in person; surprising them both with cake and flowers.

Sophie’s mum, Julie, said: “I cannot thank Christine, Bridget and Mark enough. I am so grateful they arrived when they did. We have a great ambulance service in Leicester, and the care we received was outstanding.”

Sophie said: “I had heard of sepsis before but didn’t realise how serious it was. Without Christine spotting the signs I would have died. They saved my life and I am so thankful.”

To read more about the signs and symptoms of Sepsis please visit the NHS Choices  website.