Santa recruits green Grimsby elves

Santa recruits green Grimsby elves

Kate USher collection.jpg

Staff at Grimsby Ambulance station have been busy collecting toys and gifts to provide local children a memorable Christmas Day. 

Sue Mullen, photographed above with Kate and Judy, Grimsby Station Domestic, works all year to collect toys and gifts for North East Lincolnshire’s Social Services.

This is the second year she has collected for the children, and this December they saw double the number of donations compared with last year.

This year toys were allocated to 50 children, however due to the overwhelming amount of donations, over 100 children will receive in the local area.

Technician Kate Usher explained that she arranges the collection because she cannot bear to think of children not being fortunate enough to open at least one present on Christmas Day.  

She said: “I sit and watch my son open his presents and feel so lucky to have a happy healthy child, and another on the way, a lot of families are not as fortunate. I can now watch him open his gifts knowing that we have helped so many children, locally. “ 

Kate initiated the collection but without the kindness of her colleagues at Grimsby Ambulance Station, she said it couldn’t be this successful.

Two Grimsby based engineering companies - Jacobs and Capes - are the biggest collectors for Sue’s charity alongside EMAS staff in the North East Lincolnshire area. #PrideinEMAS