Retired miner thanks 'marvellous' Patient Transport Services

Retired miner thanks 'marvellous' Patient Transport Services

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A former miner from Shirebrook has thanked colleagues in our Patient Transport Service (PTS) for enabling him to get to and from his pain management appointments over the last 10 weeks.

Robert Walker, 63, a retired miner and soldier, suffers from osteoarthritis in his knees, hips and back, and was invited to the pain management clinic at Royal Derby Hospital.

However, without our PTS, Robert would have struggled to get to the appointments and so he was keen to thank all the crews who have cared for him over the last few month.

He said: “I’ve been having a rip-roaring time with the crews, and every one of them has been polite.

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“They put you at ease as they know what they are doing and are reassuring. They really are marvellous, and I cannot praise them enough.

“The vehicles are all so clean, and they get me from A to B and B to A in a safe manner.

“I would have struggled to go by public transport, as I cannot walk very far. I’m so grateful that PTS come and pick me up.”

Justine Parsons, who has been an ambulance care assistant for PTS for 18 months had the honour of taking Mr Walker home from his final appointment last week.