Planning, prioritisation and professionalism

Planning, prioritisation and professionalism

Fast response car in the High Peaks surrounded by snow

Conference calls have been held throughout the day between EMAS managers located across the region in response to the snow.

Our latest conference call confirmed that our plans, and the on-going commitment, dedication and professionalism of our frontline colleagues, have enabled us to provide the best possible service to patients despite the snow.

The road conditions mean that some patients have to wait longer than they would under normal circumstances. It remains our priority to get to patients who are suffering a life threatening or very serious illness or injury.

Staff welfare is another priority particularly as the temperatures drop overnight. The main road networks have been treated by the councils however the side streets and rural areas are particularly treacherous. It’s important to rest and recuperate when working in challenging environments and we’ve been making sure that crew meal breaks are given on a timely basis.

To help night shift colleagues get to work we were able to change the reporting base for some crews, and those that needed picking up were collected by managers or partner organisations in 4 x 4 vehicles. When needed, we’ve also helped colleagues to get back home after their shift has ended.

We gratefully accepted offers of support from frontline colleagues not scheduled to be at work today. By coming in they have allowed us to put out more ambulances or fast response cars on the road.

Yet again our Community First Responder volunteers have done us proud, providing extra support to help reach patients in the more rural areas. Thank you – your support is always appreciated and valued.

We extend our thanks to partner organisations and individuals who have supported us today, including those who have given 4 x 4 vehicle provision.

Alongside other emergency services we are concerned about the ice that will form overnight.  Please take extra care, allow extra time and take an emergency pack with you (including warm clothing, food, drink and a fully charged mobile phone) if you have to be out and about tonight or in the morning.