Over 1150 calls received in first six hours of 2017

Busy start to New Year's Day

East Midlands Ambulance Service received 1153 emergency and urgent calls during the first six hours of 2017, compared to 1099 the same time last New Year.

Calls were for a variety of problems including alcohol related illness or injury, falls, breathing problems and road traffic collisions.

To manage the huge increase in demand EMAS held a strategic command cell throughout the night and early hours of this morning, and opened temporary treatment centres in several areas across the East Midlands.

From the EMAS strategic command cell John Wright said "New Year's Eve has been busy as expected however we have managed the activity well. I send my personal thanks for all our colleagues and volunteers hard work and wish them all a Happy New Year."

EMAS Chief Executive Richard Henderson added: "Thank you to our colleagues and volunteers for all their continued efforts in delivering the best possible patient care over the festive period and throughout the whole year - it is greatly appreciated."

Photographs of Emergency Operations Centre (control) and frontline colleagues and updates were posted through the night on our Twitter @EMASNHSTrust and Facebook page.

EMAS will continue to be busy throughout the day and people are advised to use the emergency service wisely. Inappropriate calls prevent us from getting to people in real need. Advice for minor illness and injury can be gained at Urgent Care or Walk-In Centres or by calling NHS111. Visit www.nhs.uk for details on services near you.

EMAS ambulance responding to emergency call