Listen to adorable 999 call made by young boy

Listen to adorable 999 call made by young boy when his mum collapsed


A five-year-old boy who called 999 to help his mum who fell unconscious has been presented with an award for his bravery and quick-thinking.

Kyran Duff from Daventry, Northampton leapt into action when his mum Nikki collapsed at home.

He immediately called 999 as he had been taught by his mum, and   gave his full address, explained what had happened and followed instructions to unlock the front door to let the ambulance crew in.

On the call Kyran, who celebrated his sixth birthday this month, can be heard reaching above the door to get the key to unlock it telling he audibly cheers when he’s reached it telling our control Nurse ‘I’ve got it down, yes, I’ve unlocked it’. He made sure his mum was comfortable and told us he was worried that now he’d be late for school.

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Nikki said: “I am so proud of my little boy. He got me a teddy bear because he thought I might be scared and covered me in a blanket so I didn’t get cold. I was so surprised when I gained consciousness and heard him on the phone to the emergency services. He’s my hero.”

Kyran’s Dad had already gone to work when the fall happened so Kryan’s bravery meant paramedics were able to arrive within minutes.

“It is so important that parents prepare their children for what to do in an emergency situation. I’ve always taught Kyran how to call 999 and more importantly when. I was relieved to know help was on its way to support Kyran and help me.”

He will be presented with a prestigious Laverick Award presented by Paramedics at East Midlands Ambulance Service for his quick thinking and bravery.

The Laverick Award recognises children and young adults who have gone above and beyond to help another and is in memory of Nick Laverick – a paramedic team leader who died of cancer on his 37th birthday in September 2013.

Paramedic Anya Donald, who is part of the Laverick Team, was full of praise for Kyran.

She said: "Kyran remained so calm and brave during what would have been a really scary time. He is truly deserving of this award and we are proud to present it.