Larkfield Junior School raises money for vital life-saving equipment

Larkfield Junior School raises money for vital life-saving equipment

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A parent from Nuthall has raised over a thousand pounds to install a lifesaving Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on the wall of her children’s school. 

Hayley Dunleavy, mum of two, was inspired by her mum who suffered a cardiac arrest in their family home two years ago. After learning about the importance of defibrillator in saving her mum's life Hayley wanted to fundraise to install one in her community. 

Hayley said: “I discovered my mum having a cardiac arrest and despite never doing any CPR training found myself fighting to save her life with the help of the call handler at East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS). I was able to perform chest compressions until the paramedics arrived, which teamed with the defibrillator and fast response from EMAS, saved my mum's life. 

“I’d spotted AED’s popping up in my local area which is great but I was then aware there wasn’t one available at my children’s school. I want people to know how important and vital these machines are to saving somebody's life so I started raising money.” 

Hayley raised the £1,200 for the defibrillator by organising a fun run for parents and pupils, tombolas and raffles and lots of cake sales. 

Earlier today Community Response Manager James Hornby attended Larkfield Junior School to show teachers, parents and pupils how to use their defibrillator and what to do should they find somebody in cardiac arrest. 

James said: When someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest, prompt action by anyone nearby offers their only chance of survival. The first step is an immediate 999 call for an ambulance and then CPR. Most people who survive will have needed a shock from a defibrillator, often an AED to correct a chaotic heart rhythm. 

“It is great to see Larkfield have this lifesaving equipment which can be used should anything unfortunate ever happen to someone nearby”. 

If you know of an AED that may not be registered with the ambulance service please contact