EMAS lead the way on treatment for stroke patients

EMAS leads the way on treatment for stroke patients

EMAS is leading the way in trialling a simple medicine patch that could revolutionise emergency treatment for stroke patients.  

We are currently the lead ambulance service for the trial of a new patch which contains a drug which helps lower blood pressure and open up blood vessels; allowing oxygen to reach the brain. This action can reduce damage caused in the immediate minutes and hours following a stroke. 

Stroke is one of the leading causes of death, killing around 40,000 people each year in the UK. There are over 10,000 strokes each year in the UK.  

A stroke is caused by an artery clot or a burst blood vessel in the brain; this can cause permanent disability if not treated quickly enough.  

We currently have 186 paramedics signed up to the trail across the East Midlands. Paramedics are given extra training around stroke care as well as being able to administer the small medicine patch. 

Since October 2015, paramedics across EMAS have treated 157 patients. The research is still ongoing. Results will be published in six months’ time, which hopefully will show significant positive impacts for patients.  

Mark Dixon, National Research Paramedic, talks about the Right 2 trail.