EMAS celebrates 80 years of 999 service

EMAS celebrates 80 years of 999 service

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On the 80th anniversary of the first 999 call ever made, we've been looking back at how our service has changed.

Alison Crowe, Service Delivery Manager for our 999 control room, has been with us for 22 years and says it has changed dramatically over the years.

She said: "When I first started we wrote all the calls down on pieces of paper and gave them to the ambulance dispatcher.

"Emergency calls went on pink slips of paper, and urgent calls went on blue paper. The dispatcher had a big map of the area with magnetic strips to indicate ambulances and he would allocate ambulances to incidents.

"We would then have to press a button 3 times for 999 to alert a crew at a station that there was an emergency, and tell them all the details over the phone so they could go to it!"

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We also managed to catch the 999th call today - which was an emergency call for an unconscious patient.

Today we treated more than 300 staff to cake at both the 999 control centres, and even managed to find a few balloons.

Hear all about how life has changed in our 999 control rooms from Debbie Gray from Licolnshire.