Defibrillator has been damaged beyond repair

Defibrillator has been damaged beyond repair

Automated Defibrillator

A lifesaving piece of equipment has been damaged in Market Harborough.

The defibrillator was taken from its case on the wall of The Café at Welland Park on Welland Park Road overnight between Friday 21 July and the morning of Saturday 22 July 2017. The case was smashed and the defibrillator was thrown into the River Welland and is no longer working.

The defibrillator is public access and registered with our control room meaning when someone nearby is reported as being in cardiac arrest it can be accessed and potentially used to save a life by delivering an shock.

Many Lowe, Community Response Manager at EMAS said: “Defibrillators save lives and we are disappointed to hear that one has been damaged.

“When a person dials 999 our system searches the local area to identify a nearby registered defibrillator and the emergency call handler then tells the caller where it is and provides access information.

“This defibrillator has now been marked as offline and isn’t available to help someone in a life threatening emergency.”

Leicestershire Police are appealing for witnesses. If you saw any suspicious behaviour in the park on the night of Friday 21 July then please call 101 quoting incident 17000313150 of 22/7/17.