Choking patient thanks hero 999 call takers and crew who saved his life

Choking patient thanks hero 999 call handlers and crew who saved his life


A man who was fighting to breathe after choking on a piece of chicken has been reunited with the heroes who saved his life.

Peter Ford, from Northampton, has a condition which makes swallowing difficult and found himself choking while eating dinner one evening. 

Unable to dislodge the food from his throat, and fearing for his life, Peter became very distressed and had to call 999.

Using their training the emergency call handlers in our control room were able to advise Peter to tap on his phone to confirm he had heard their instructions in a bid to prevent him from talking which was impacting his breathing. They were also able to confirm his address and the key safe number to his property by asking him to use his phone's key pad.

The information was received quickly meaning Ambulance Technician Paul Whiting could get to Peter within minutes.

Peter was reunited with Paul and Gillian Holmes and Karen Hutchkinson who answered his distressed call. He said: “Without them I would not be alive today.  They saved my life and I want to personally thank them for what they did for me that day.”