Biker who suffered 10 broken bones in crash thanks guardian angels

Biker who suffered 10 broken bones in crash thanks guardian angels

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A motorcyclist who suffered 10 broken bones and woke up with her face pressed against a tyre after a crash on her way to work has thanked the ‘guardian angels ‘ who came to her rescue.

Paige Foster, 24, from Alvaston, was on her way to work on her motorbike on 2 February when she was in a horrific collision on Osmaston Road and went under a car.

Paige suffered 10 broken bones across her body including her ribs, feet and wrists, she had concussion as her helmet was stuck under the wheel arch of the car and remained in hospital for 10 days where she had to learn to walk again.

Luckily for Paige, Daniel Curd, a 26-year-old driver for EMAS’ Patient Transport Services was just a few vehicles away in a non-emergency ambulance and on his way to pick up his first patient.

Daniel cared for Paige and kept her calm while they waited for paramedic Maz Alsbury to arrive in an emergency ambulance, and wrapped her up in a blanket from the PTS ambulance.

Today, Paige has had the chance to thank both member of EMAS for caring for her.

She said: "I just want to say a massive thank you. I know they just think it is their job, but they were my guardian angels."

When the crash happened, Paige, who works in the Children's Records Department at Royal Derby Hospital recognised Daniel but as she was wearing a visor, he had no idea it was her.

She said: “I was unconscious for a few minutes and when I came to the tyre was in my face. I was scared and I couldn’t move. 

“A few passers by came to the rescue, and then Daniel appeared. He was so reassuring as a thousand things were going through my head and it felt like I was going to have a panic attack but he kept me calm by just talking to me."

Daniel explained that he had just started his shift when he came across the car crash and immediately stepped in to offer support.

He said: "Paige seemed okay but she was in a lot of pain. There was not a lot I could do but I stayed with her as long as I could to keep her calm. It has been lovely to see Paige again today and to see how well she is doing."

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Community Paramedic Maz Alsbury, who has been with EMAS for 19 years arrived in an ambulance to provide advanced clinical intervention, said that she was very impressed by Daniel’s handling of the difficult situation.

She said: “We got a call to a road traffic collision, and when we got there Daniel was looking after the patient.

“While waiting for us to arrive, he kept checking she was comfortable, kept control updated on her condition, and did a fantastic handover for us. He had taken the time out of what he was doing to assist this young lady and did his best to keep her calm.

“He then assisted us in getting her on a scoop board and getting her into the ambulance. He got it absolutely right as he helped when we asked him to, and when he couldn’t help, he just reassured the patient.

Paige is still on the road to recovery and is back at work and has already bought a new motorbike.