A heartfelt thank you to lifesaving crew

A heartfelt thank you to lifesaving crew from Grimsby

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A fitness fanatic from New Waltham, Grimsby has been reunited with the ambulance crew who saved his life after he unexpectedly suffered a heart attack at home. 

Kevin Frisby, 48, called NHS111 when he experienced chest pains on 17 August this year. He didn’t know he was having a heart attack and secretly hoped he wasn’t. The call was soon escalated, passed over to our 999 control room and Paramedic Lee Hastie and Technician Alan Higgs from Grimsby station were on scene moments later.  

After assessing Kevin, the crew recognised that he was having a heartattack and he was taken to Castle Hill Hospital for further care on his heart, including percutaneous coronary intervention.  

Kevin said: “There is no damage to my heart and the doctors say I will make a full recovery.  Had it not been for the swift and professional work of the ambulance team, I would not be able to say that.  

“It has been great to personally thank the two  guys who played a massive part in making sure that I am here today with my wife and family. I was discharged with a renewed passion for life.” 

Wife Tracy added "It was amazing, since the first symptoms of Kevin's heart attack to being sat up on the ward at Castle Hill was three and half hours, it was the NHS at it's best. We are truly thankful."  

Since having his heart attack Kevin has turned his efforts to charity work. He has joined the British Heart Foundation and is becoming an ambassador for Heart UK, visiting the Houses of Parliament to talk about his experiences.  

October also sees the month of National Restart a Heart Day, raising awareness amongst secondary school pupils about what they can do should they come across somebody who is experiencing a heart attack or cardiac arrest. The day is being led by East Midlands Ambulance Service, LIVES and the British Heart Foundation.  

Paramedic Lee Hastie was first on scene for cardiac arrest survivor Vince McDonagh from Cleethorpes. All four defibrillators placed within Cleethorpes have gone live this month for everybody in the local community- http://www.emas.nhs.uk/news/latest-news/2017-news/lifesaving-bid-to-say-thank-you/