Providing emergency care at Lincoln Christmas Market

Providing emergency care at Lincoln Christmas Market

EMAS has provided emergency support at the 33rd Lincoln Christmas Market, by far the largest event in Lincolnshire.

Over 200,000 people were expected to attend, with an unofficial count being judged at 270,000 attendees for 2016.

Planning for the market takes a year, with arrangements starting next week for the 2017 event. EMAS is represented by the Divisional Resilience team on the Safety Advisory Group.

Nick Sentance, Divisional Resilience Manager said: “Although large numbers of people attend the event, casualty figures have reduced year on year due to the safety planning in place. 65 casualties were seen by the medical teams at the Market this year, with EMAS providing paramedic support and assessment to 17.

“Every casualty has to be attended to on foot because placing a vehicle in a highly populated area is a last resort. If an emergency vehicle is needed quickly we do have a well-rehearsed plan with the police and stewards on duty.”

The British Red Cross are the contracted medical provider for the Lincoln Christmas Market, and EMAS provides two paramedics on all four days of the event together with an emergency care practitioner for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A senior manager is also provided to represent EMAS in the Multi-Agency Control Room throughout the duration of the Market.

Pictured left to right are: Lincolnshire Resilience Officer Tony Rouse, Paramedic Marc Hollingshead, Father Christmas, Paramedic Emily Howie and Emergency Operations Centre Duty Manager Andy Biddulph. Photograph taken by EMAS Silver Commander Nick Sentance.

EMAS colleagues with Santa at Lincoln Christmas Market