Mum meets son's lifesavers

Mum meets son's lifesavers

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare answering the phone and hearing that your child has been involved in an accident. A memory that Linda Goodacre remembers only too well when her then 16 year old son Oliver was hit by a car whilst walking home from a party. 

Oliver Goodacre had been out with his friends in West Bridgford when the accident occurred in September last year. 

“I got a call from one of his friends saying Oliver had been hit by a car and wasn’t moving,” Linda recalls “I got straight into my car and drove to where they were. I was petrified to see the state of Oliver. As I arrived he was being taken into the ambulance on a stretcher.”

Paramedics from East Midlands Ambulance Service were first on scene within four minutes of the 999 call being made. Oliver was in a serious life threatening condition so the crews worked together, with a voluntary Doctor from East Midlands Immediate Care Scheme (EMICS) to stabilise him and get him to Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham as quickly as possible. 

Oliver was in a coma for several days and suffered a bleed on the brain; both of his lungs had been punctured and his skull fractured. Oliver has lost his sight in one eye.

Patient Oliver Goodacre meets his lifesavers

On Monday 5 September both Oliver and Linda will meet with the paramedics and doctor who fought to keep him alive. 

Oliver said: “I can’t remember anything from what happened, it’s all been erased from my memory. I know I won’t recognise the people who helped me but I am really keen to see them and say thank you for what they did for me.”

Linda added: “My son received the best possible care. The Police told us to expect the worse and I was so worried that we would lose him. It is thanks to the people on that day that he is still with us, I cannot thank them enough; we owe them everything.”

Despite his life changing injuries Oliver returned to football six months after the accident and is now back at school, and working towards being a football coach.