Ambulance service roles

Ambulance Service Roles

  • Paramedic Paramedic.jpgParamedic is usually the most senior clinician working on an ambulance.
  • Technician Tech.jpgTraining as an technician is a fantastic way to start with the ambulance service.
  • Patient Care Assistant PTS role.jpgPatient care assistants transfer non-emergency patients to and from health or social care settings.
  • Urgent Care Assistant Urgent Care Assistant in green uniform sat on the steps of a white Urgent Care ambulance Urgent Care Assistants provide care and transportation of non-emergency patients to hospital sites, directly supporting the A&E service.
  • Control Staff Control for roles.jpgWe employ call takers and emergency medical dispatchers to deal with the thousands of 999 calls we receive each day.
  • Fleet Services and Vehicle Logistics Mechanic in black top and wearing blue gloves holding tyre with ambulances in the background Our team of mechanics and engineers keep our ambulances on the road and the life-saving equipment working