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Foundation Trust Status

When we first went out to public consultation, we gained a good response to a series of questions about how we should organise our membership processes. 


If you'd like to see the feedback we received, please click here


What is an NHS Foundation Trust?

An NHS Foundation Trust is a new form of NHS organisation with greater freedom from government control so it can better meet the needs of local communities - making real progress through local control. It remains part of the NHS and is subject to NHS standards, providing care paid for by the taxpayer, to NHS patients.


Why become an NHS Foundation Trust?

NHS Foundation Trust status will provide EMAS with a number of benefits:


Local influence

Having a membership open to local people and our staff means that you can influence and shape what we do and how we do it. In this way we can do what is right for local people.


Greater control

We will have the freedom to invest surplus funds where they are most needed.


Brighter future

We will be able to plan for a longer period – 5 years plus – so we can be more confident in how we will develop for patients, giving us a clear direction of travel for the organisation.