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Patient Experience


At EMAS we value your comments and suggestions and welcome any feedback you have to our staff thanking them for all they’ve done.


Even after experiencing a serious accident, injury or illness, many patients and their families write to our staff thanking them for all they’ve done.


If you’d like to pass on your thanks to a member of staff for the care, compassion or support you, a relative or friend have received, please let us know.


When you contact us, let us know as many details as you can – such as date, time and location – as this will help us to locate the staff involved with your care. 


We like to promote the great work our staff do and when a member of the public has contacted us to say thank you, our Communications Team occasionally like to share the story with a wider audience, for example, in an EMAS publication or with local broadcast and print media outlets.  


If the Communications Team pick your story as one they’d like to use then a member of that team would get in touch with you direct to discuss the options. This, for example, might lead to:


·         Us setting-up some form of reunion event which the media would 

          be invited to attend

·         An extract from your letter being printed in a local newspaper

·         A reporter may get in touch with you to gain a bit more detail about

          what happened and perhaps arrange for a photograph to be taken


 Here are a selection of the compliments we have received about our services:


Miss G, Lincolnshire

In August, you attended a call to my father who had suffered a heart attack. I cannot put into words how grateful myself and my mum are to you. You were incredible and did all you could and more for him. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it, but we are eternally grateful for all your efforts. It takes a special kind of person to do the job you do.


Mr J, Lincolnshire

Please may I express my heartfelt gratitude (no pun intended!) to EMAS in general and the crew in particular for the superb understanding and treatment I received at East Kirkby in April - when I suffered severe abdominal pain and high blood pressure and thought that I might be having another heart attack. Please thank them again for me - they are the real heroes in society!


Mr and Mrs Smith, Nottinghamshire

We are writing to you in the hope that the two paramedics that attended to our call can receive the photos enclosed and also know how grateful we are to them for all that they did. We are so thankful to them for how fast they responded to our call and for the safe delivery of our beautiful daughter. We cannot thank them enough and will never forget what they did – they provided a professional service and are a credit to the ambulance service. The words ‘thank you’ just don’t seem enough for what they did!


Mr D, Lincolnshire

Last November I was seriously ill with a blocked aortic heart valve. At

the start of my illness I had severe breathing difficulties and my wife

rang 999. The paramedic was at our house in just over 2 minutes and

the ambulance in less than 5 minutes. I was admitted to hospital but

was released after 10 days. In December I was getting very poorly

and needed the ambulance again, it too was at our address in a few minutes.


In all 3 cases the paramedics and ambulance crew were on time and brilliant with their care. I say well done to our paramedics for the

dedication they show and the professionalism they practice.


Mr J, Northampton

I would like to thank and congratulate your team for the tremendous effort they all performed when my wife suffered a cardiac arrest in our back garden in August. The 999 operator gave clear and precise instructions to my granddaughter on life saving chest compression procedures until the paramedic arrived to take over. He acted in an absolutely professional manner and I am certain his initial actions and use of a defibrillator gave my wife a chance of survival. I am happy to report that she is now well on the way to a full recovery. Thank you again for your superb response when we needed your services.


Mr R, overseas visitor

I’m not superstitious but on Friday 13 August I was on holiday in England with my wife and two children, having not had a day’s illness in 15 years. Whilst in a supermarket, I experienced severe palpitations and was close to losing consciousness. It was a strange experience for me as I am a paramedic myself and specialise in assessing paramedic quality! Your crew who attended me were very professional and human and I was very satisfied with the care they gave to me and also to my wife and children, especially my son who was very concerned.


I just want to say “thank you” to this fine crew. Please pass this on to this excellent team.


Mr T, Leicestershire

My wife died recently. During the past years she had a lot of health problems. On numerous occasions I’ve had to ring 999 for help. All fast response and ambulance crews attending were all totally professional in all ways to the patient and family. That’s the reason I am writing to thanks all of your staff for attending, caring and for looking after my wife – not forgetting the people who answer the 999 calls. You were fantastic – I cant thank you all enough.


Mr T, Derbyshire

I would like to bring to your attention some outstanding work by two of your employees. In March my partner woke me to tell me that she was in the later stages of labour and felt that she was going to give birth immediately. After a phone call to the 999 switchboard an ambulance arrived. Upon examining my partner it was clear that she was going to give birth on the living room floor. My partner then did just that, with the crew members delivering my son on the floor of my living room. I myself work in an emergency service and have found myself in some pretty serious situations in the past and have looked back later and though, wow, that was some pretty good work. I hope that the crew members have looked back and realised just how brilliant a job they did that day.


Mr and Mrs M, Sheffield

I am writing to say what a wonderful service your hospital transport service provides. My husband is very disabled and I have heart problems and we have been fortunate to be able to use your transport provision for our frequent visits to hospital over the past four or five years. The drivers and paramedics have all been most helpful and caring. Its is a marvellous and useful service and we cannot praise them enough.


Mr O’Sullivan, Governor, HM Prison Service, Rugby

I wanted to place on record my thanks to your organisation for the fantastic assistance I was provided in July. Five inmates gained access to my roof complex and stayed at height for 15 hours. Colleagues from East Midlands Ambulance Service came to the prison and provided me with every assurance that any injuries could be promptly and professionally be dealt with. As it turned out I didn’t need to call on any of your staff but I am extremely grateful for their diligence, patience and professionalism. 




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