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First Aid advice - whenever you need it

We’re pleased to provide 7 MP3 first aid podcasts which can be downloaded on to your iPod or any other MP3 player. Wherever your iPod goes, the podcast advice will go with you!


The information is up to date and complies with Resuscitation Council guidelines. Of course, we realise no one wants to be confronted with these situations but at some time you may well be - and it is essential that you know what to do. It could make all the difference.  


Download the Podcasts here:



  • mp3
  • Wounds [mp3 / 768KB] Explains the immediate action to take for wounds, bleeding, and bleeding associated with fractures.




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A few points to bear in mind:


+ These audio files are not meant to be

   a substitute for a first aid course.

+ Once you have downloaded the files,

   listen to them from time to time. This

   will bring two benefits:

   1 - You will be more likely to find them

   quickly in an emergency if you have 

   been accessing them regularly.

   2 - You will keep yourself refreshed

   on what to do in an emergency.

+ The files are copyright but please feel

   free to distribute them, in the original

   format to as many people as possible.

+ These files are provided courtesy of 

    the South East Coast Ambulance

    Service NHS Trust.