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Ambulance Quality Indicators (AQI)

Monitoring our performance and the clinical care we provide

Constantly monitoring our performance and the clinical care we provide is essential. It shows how well we respond to patient need and how we can ensure standards of care are not only maintained but continuously improved upon.


Ambulance services are not measured simply on how quickly we reach patients, but more importantly on how we treat patients when we get there and the outcomes of that treatment.


Ambulance Quality Indicators look at both our performance and our clinical care - allowing us to identify where we are doing well and where we need to improve. 



We now publish this information every month

Each month we publish a new dashboard of information and statistics right here - showing how we are doing compared to all other ambulance services in the country.


You'll notice that our performance and clinical care data is published on a different schedule - this is because it takes additional time to compile and analyse all of the clinical information about how we care for our patients.



Understanding the information from a local perspective

To help you understand how we are doing in the East Midlands and to explain our ratings in different areas, each dashboard includes narrative giving a full explanation from our Operations and Clinical teams. To take a look at the comments, just click the 'Narrative' button.



Understanding the information from a national perspective

The Department of Health also publish this information on their website every month where they give an overview of how ambulance services across the country are performing. Click here to take a look.



Accessing the dashboard

Step 1 - To take a look at the latest dashboard, click the appropriate link below


Step 2 - Each file will open as an Excel spreadsheet - click 'Enable Macros' when prompted


Step 3 - A map of the UK will then appear - click the East Midlands area to take a look at how we are doing


Step 4 - Use the drop down menus at the top of the screen to choose which months data you would like to view


Step 5 - Click the 'Narrative' button to read our comments and explanations of our performance and clinical care that month.



Ambulance Quality Indicator (AQI) Dashboard

Click here to view details about our performance during June 2014 and our clinical performance for March 2014.


Any questions?

Should you have any problems accessing this information, or have any questions about particular areas of the data, please click here to contact us.   




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